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RedMonkey is a quickly growing gaming community, founded in August 2015. In a short period of time we have grown out to be one of the most popular gaming communities in the battlefield series. With a dedicated passion for the group that we created we have gathered over 300 people within one year that all share a passion for friendly, yet awesome gaming!

The name “RedMonkey” was picked very spontaneously but it resembles us rather well. Like monkeys, we have a strong and often humorous community. Gaming is about fun, but we also take administrating servers seriously and approach that in a professional way.

We offer our players a mature and fair gaming environment where cheating, racism, and insulting will not be tolerated. People from various nationalities, backgrounds, ages, and ethnicities have felt welcomed, and thus we’ve got increasing support from the community. As running servers is expensive, every bit of this support is greatly appreciated!

Battlefield 4

RedMonkey is hosting three successful servers in the 2013 blockbuster made by DICE.

Smooth performance, active administration, a fine-tuned ruleset and most of all friendliness have been a solid base for the success of these servers. However, the servers have now grown from simple servers to professionally run servers with fine tuned rules and even self made game-modes.

The effort that has been put into the servers has resulted in servers that are enjoyable for everybody.

#1 RedMonkey RUSH 64 Best of DLC & Vanilla Votemap High Tickets

The server we first started and all love.

This server was listed in the ‘top 20’ highest rated servers in Battlefield 4, unfortunately we had to drop this ranking due to security reasons. Since then the server has only gained more and more popularity and is filled over 20 hours each day.

All maps – located in Frankfurt (Germany) – 60Hz tickrate – 64 slots

#2 RedMonkey Operation Locker 24/7 High Tickets 60Hz

Technically our newest server.

Our Lockers only server has quickly gained a lot of popularity because of the active administration and effort that has been put into redefining the infantry based map experience. Having coded our own game modes, challenges and battles truly make this server an experience like no other.

Locker only – located in Frankfurt (Germany) – 60Hz tickrate – 64 slots

Battlefield 1

We will most likely not host another Battlefield 1 server due to a lack of control and customization that’s given by DICE. We might reconsider this the moment DICE actually gives us the tools to properly manage and create a server that feels like ‘ours’.

Until then we will not host a Battlefield 1 server.



Playing games is more fun with friends!

Join us on our platoon on Battlelog where you can enjoy the game together with more than 300 other players!

And if you like to play more tactically or just want to have fun then you’re more than welcome to join us on our Discord server!

Our servers

We take pride in providing servers with the best possible performance. 

Each server is running on carefully picked hardware best suited for the job. That combined with precisely assigning different processes to specific CPU-cores ensures us an unparalleled stability.

Hand-picked hardware for the best performance

Unlike many other cases, our servers aren’t virtual machines and have no shared performance. All the computational power is used by us only.

All our systems are powered by redundant electricity supplies and are running on 100% renewable energy. We aim for carbon-neutral computer power.

Dedicated storage! We have specific servers for storing all our statistics

Furthermore, our servers are connected to a 145-worldwide-datacentre network to provide the optimal experience.

Great connectivity! Our network-grid ensures the best connection

Our services are connected to the DE-CIX-frankfurt (German internet-exchange) infrastructure which gives us access to their stunning 2.1Tb/second network speed. This makes sure our services have the lowest latency all around the world.

Support us

Donations are greatly appreciated!
Our combination of servers is extremely expensive and lots of effort has been put into making them work. Help is very appreciated in every form. Buying a VIP slot is, however, the easiest way to help us out.

TRM members:

1-month VIP: €2,-

3-month VIP: €5,-

Non-TRM members:

1-month VIP: €2.50

3-month VIP: €6,-

Please don’t forget to add your in-game name into the PayPal-message!

If you don’t add your name you cannot be added to the VIP-list!

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